Iowa media day: Highlights from Kirk Ferentz press conference

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz spoke with the press Aug. 8 at his team’s media day. 

• Jameer Outsey has moved to tight end from linebacker. “He was doing OK at linebacker,” Ferentz said. It was a combination of need at tight end and better using his skills.

• “LeShun Daniels got nicked up in practice this morning … expecting him to be practicing when you guys see him next week.”

• “I just want to restate we’re committed to being a Big Ten championship football team.”

• On the fans: “They’ve long been the best I’ve ever been around.”

• On the new football facility: “As you go along, you realize how important it is and was to have that project completed.” The coach says it helps recruiting, strength, and conditioning, etc.

• “Three practices into it … this is a really important three-week window to really develop.”

• On Jordan Lomax: “He’s just been a phenomenal young guy in our program … We’re extremely proud of him, and I’m excited for him to have a great senior year.”

• On having guys who played eight-man football in high school: “Good people come from all different backgrounds; look at Zach Johnson, what he’s done in the golf world.”

• On C.J. Beathard: “The way he’s growing and the way he’s accepting being a leader … I think he’s embraced it; he’s excited about it.”

• On Jim Reid coaching all linebackers and LeVar Woods moving to tight-end coach: “We needed another guy back on offense … it’s going to improve efficiency.”

• On offensive-line depth: “It’s great to have Sean Welsh back on the football team … he’s off to a good start. I think we have the makings there, it’s just a race against the clock until the first game.”

• On “scar tissue” from last season: “I don’t think anybody has inferiority complexes or anything like that … We didn’t have to call Dr. Phil or anything like that for our football team. We just needed to work harder.”

• On scheduling: “I know we’re going to transition away from FCS opponents in our conference … If you’re not ready to go, I don’t care about the name on the helmet, it could be a tough day.”

• On punters: a competition between Marshall Koehn and Dillon Kidd.

• On wide receivers: “We’ve definitely got an open mind there … it’s wide open there. I’m excited to see how it plays out.”

• On Jonathan Parker, who is now a wide receiver: “We’re hoping we can use him in a real effective way … He’s got to get over what happened in the last ball game.”






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