Pregame Podcast #1: The Beginning

It’s here!

Below is the first ever edition of The Daily Iowan‘s Pregame Podcast. We’ll do this every week once the season gets started, as well as next week on Iowa media day.

In this first edition, your Pregame Editor, Danny Payne, as well as football reporters Charlie Green, Jordan Hansen, and Ryan Rodriguez give a rundown of Big Ten Media Days, as well as their thoughts on Iowa with roughly five weeks to go before the season begins.

We’re always looking for suggestions on how to improve, and especially in this case because it’s our first go-round in the podcast world. Anything you’d like to hear, whether it be a question answered, or a segment you think would be cool, or anything else you can think of, we want to know. We want this to be a two-way street, not just a one-way, because one-way streets are the worst thing on the planet.

Happy listening!


Sorry for inconsistent volume and other noises you may hear. Not the most ideal setup here in Chicago, but we wanted to get things out there so you have something to listen to on your Friday commute home. Things will get better once we get back to our newsroom in Iowa City, we promise.

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