Halftime: Iowa and American locked in a shootout; tied 36-all

The third-seeded Iowa women are hosting 14-seed American in Carver-Hawkeye Arena today – and, well – things aren’t going quite as the Hawkeyes anticipated.

Iowa jumped out to an 8-2 lead early on a few easy baskets, and American had a choice. It could either let the game get away from them before they ever got started, or they could start firing back.

They’ve done the latter in a big way.

The Eagles shot 55-percent from beyond the arc in the first half, led by Arron Zimmerman and Ari Booth. The team was 6-of-11, while Zimmerman and Booth themselves went 6-of-8.

As a result, the Hawkeyes actually spent the majority of the half trailing. They began making shots late in the half as Melissa Dixon lead the charge to even the score by halftime.

Dixon has nine points, with six of those coming late in the half. Dixon and Ally Disterhoft connected on back-to-back threes to draw the score closer, and Dixon hit another a moment later to capture a 30-28 lead with six minutes remaining.

With both teams shooting over 50-percent from three, the offenses clashed through the finish of the half, and the teams find themselves tied at 36.

Though the scoreboard shows a tie, seeding and venue considered, there was a clear winner in the first half. American will only leave the locker room with more confidence than it had before.

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