Cyrus Dobre-Mofid moves to his beat

Iowa gymnast Cyrus Dobre-Mofid has serious breakdancing skills.

Redshirt junior Cyrus Dobre-Mofid leads Iowa men’s gymnastics on the floor exercise, averaging 14.392 with visibly palpable grace and fluidity.

What’s his secret? The answer may — or may not — surprise you.

“I like to break dance a lot,” Dobre-Mofied said. “So I wanted to do something that incorporates both, with my air flair, gymnastics and a little bit of dancing — something to give the crowd to cheer for.”

That’s right, the man can bust a move. And no event provides the freedom to showcase his skills like the floor. It’s no wonder it’s his highest scoring event this season.

His passion for dancing began at a young age, as it did with gymnastics. His mother is a choreographer, his childhood inspiration the great Michael Jackson.

“I was a really energetic kid,” Dobre-Mofid said. “While I was doing gymnastics running around the gym I was also dancing.”

And the talent apparantely runs in the family. His twin 15-year-old brothers, Marcus and Lucas, have roughly 469,000 followers on Vine under the account “Twinbotz,” making him only the third best dancer in the family — at best.

Nonetheless, his moves on the dance floor have translated into success in his best event, and his approach is not lost on head coach JD Reive.

“Cyrus is a showman,” Reive said in November. “There’s something about the aesthetics in the way he moves, the eye is just drawn to him.”

Perhaps it’s his penchant for showing off that really drives his success. For Dobre-Mofid, it’s more than just gaining a big score from the judges; it’s about putting on a good show for the crowd.

“Just how I like to show off with my dance moves,” Dobre-Mofid said. “I like to show off in gymnastics too.”


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