Links for your afternoon classes — 8/29

Hopefully you’re all done with class for the week by this point, in which case these can be links for your workout, patio beers, late lunch, pregame, whatever it may be. We saved a few football stories for you for two reasons.

First, because you’re awesome for reading our blog, and second, because it’s Friday, which means all sorts of football leading up to tomorrow’s game.

Remember #Weisman4Heisman? Well it all started against Northern Iowa two years ago.

Cody Goodwin says football can be very special this year.

There’s a football exhibit in the Old Capitol featuring a big ‘I’ made out of corn.

Hawkeye field hockey made it to North Carolina for the B1G/ACC Challenge, which starts tomorrow.

Women’s soccer opens its season tonight in Iowa City.

Cross country is getting things started in Des Moines this evening.

Yesterday’s DITV Pregame Show, which starts around 8:45:

And finally, more Weisman video:

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