Hawks fall 2-1 to Huskers

Man oh man.

Late Friday afternoon action, the Hawkeye soccer team fell to the Cornhuskers 2-1 in Lincoln.

First and foremost, this will hurt Iowa’s seeding in the Big Ten Tournament as I broke down earlier this week in this post as well as this one. The best seed they can now grab will be a fifth seed and that’s if they’re lucky. As things stand now, it looks more likely that Iowa will end up with with the sixth seed and a date with either Wisconsin or Michigan.

The loss also will hurt Iowa’s RPI and the possibility that it ends up with an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament is rapidly slipping away. The Hawkeyes probably have to win the Big Ten tournament (and receive the auto-bid) if they want to advance.

As for the game itself, things started out nicely enough for the Hawkeyes, as senior Cloe Lacasse scored a goal within the first five minutes of the game.

However, Nebraska responded with a goal in the 34th minute of the game to equalize and the game went into half tied 1-1.

Both teams played back and fourth ball throughout the second half, but Nebraska managed a strike in the 75th minute to pull ahead. Iowa had no answer and went on to lose the match and fall to 12-6-1.

Despite playing against statistically one of the worst defenses in the Big Ten, it’s a minor surprise Iowa only managed eight shots throughout the entirety of the game.

The Hawkeyes play next in the Big Ten Tournament on Wednesday and we’ll have plenty of coverage leading up to their first-round game.


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