Women's Golf: Ihm struggles, Suarez rises

It seems Amy Ihm and Elisa Suarez have reversed roles since the Iowa women’s golf team last played Oct. 5 in its home tournament.

Suarez greatly improved upon her team last-place finish earlier this month to grab hold of a career best fourth place finish, ending +1 for the tournament.

“I played calm throughout the entire tournament, maintaining a steady mindset,” Suarez said. “I really liked this golf course.”

Ihm shot +14 at the Diane Thomason Invitational to end with a career best fifth place finish. At the Old Waverly Bulldog Invitational however, she dropped all the way down to third to last, finishing 72 out of 74 golfers, posting scores of 80, 85, and 83.

The bump up to the No. 1 spot did not treat Ihm well. Before heading to Starkville, the junior had always played number two or lower.

The Hawkeyes closed the tournament, placing seventh out of 13 teams with a score of +39. The score is a season best for the team, as it has posted scores of +67 and +87 thus far.

To be fair, Iowa played some pretty tough teams this week. Mississippi State won its home tournament, finishing -6 as a team. The Bulldogs have finished in the top four of every tournament so far this season, winning two. All six teams ahead of the Hawkeyes finished +27 or lower. Along with that, the top-32 golfers all were +10 or less.

Iowa has consistently improved its three-round score in every tournament so far this season. The Hawkeyes have until Nov. 2 when they head to Boerne, Texas to figure out what they have to do in order to keep the trend going.

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