Iowa field hockey players issue statement on Tracey Griesbaum’s firing

The following is a statement released to The Daily Iowan from the Iowa field hockey team on Aug. 19 regarding the firing of former Iowa head coach Tracey Griesbaum on Aug. 5 by Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta. A member of the team — which opens its season on Aug. 30 in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge against Wake Forest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina — said the statement was written by Hawkeye players, without the assistance or knowledge of interim head coach Lisa Cellucci or any individual within the Iowa athletic department.

This is the 2014 University of Iowa Field Hockey team wanting to clear Tracey Griesbaum’s name.

Not even a week before our preseason started, we were left with the statement that Tracey Griesbaum was relieved of her coaching duties. The abrupt termination leaves us unprepared and questioning the leadership of the Iowa Athletic Department. The “truths” that were alleged towards Tracey were anything but truthful.

Her firing was unfair and unjust.

This season, we as a team, are going to play, but we are going to do so for Tracey, and play the season the way she taught us, which is with both respect and hard work. Preparation breeds confidence is a statement Tracey instilled in us.

Tracey prides herself on attention to detail, having the utmost respect for her players and colleagues, and displaying a strong character. We were completely unprepared and heartbroken.

All we have been told is vague presumptions about Tracey determined through an incomplete investigation. However the vast majority did not make the complaints.

We want to reiterate that we don’t support this decision and are stil confused and saddened by it.

We don’t benefit from her being fired, despite those believing that this was in our best interest; Tracey being our coach is in our best interest.

Hawks fly together. 21 strong.


  1. Shirley Griesbaum August 20, 2014 at 12:44 am #

    I’ve been watching UI Field Hockey for 22 years…..and I’ve never been prouder!!!

  2. Steve Smith August 20, 2014 at 2:50 pm #

    Ladies, By honoring your coach you do for her what her colleagues and her Bosses won’t. I wish I could get to one of your games to throw some in-person support, but please know that there are people all across this country that support you and support nothing less than the revocation of Tracey’s firing. Good luck this season…

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