Highlights from Greg Davis and Phil Parker's Press Conference — 9/30

This Tuesday, during the Hawkeye’s first bye week of the football season, Iowa’s offensive and defensive coordinators, Greg Davis and Phil Parker, met with the media. The Daily Iowan‘s Pregame Staff brings you highlights, interesting quotes and lines from their press conference.


Highlights from Greg Davis’s Press Conference, Sept. 30 —

• “Jake is about 80 percent, so if we played today, we’d start C.J.”

• “The biggest concern we have right now [with Jake] is that he can’t run.”

• “There are some quarterback situations, not that Jake can’t do them, but just that C.J. is more comfortable with.”

• On the offensive struggles: “I’m excited that we’re 4-1. There are some things, sure — we feel like we’ve been really slow running the ball. … I feel like we’ve been throwing and catching the ball well, if you take away the first half of the last game. But we’re not scoring enough points.”

• More on the quarterbacks: “We want to play who’s better on that particular day. … If you have two guys who are healthy, I think there are things that C.J. brings to the table.”

• On Jonathan Parker: “The other day, he affected the game with the ball, and he affected the game without the ball. … We want to continue to do things with him.”

• More on the offense: “I’m happy that we’re 4-1. I’m disappointed that we haven’t scored more points. We’ve been trying to do what our players are more suited for.”

• On the receivers: “I think we’re much better at receiving now than we were three years ago. We have more guys understanding what we’re trying to do. We have a lot more speed than we used to have three years ago.”

• On the run game: “We did make a conscious effort after Ball State to improve the run game. … We employed specific personnel groupings that would allow us to run the ball more.”

• On Beathard: “C.J. has a very quick arm. There are a lot of things that we ask our quarterbacks to do that are pretty much unnoticed until they are noticed. … We ask our quarterback to do a lot of things at the line of scrimmage. There are a lot of things that will factor in, because it is a football game and we’ll try to do what we think is best.”

• On criticism: “If you write me a letter and put your name on it, I will respond. If you don’t put your name on it, I throw it away. That’s just the way I do it. … I told Phil Parker, when I come back in my second life, I’m going to be a defensive coordinator.”

• Has Rudock thrown too many check downs? “No.”

Highlights from Phil Parker’s Press Conference, Sept. 30 —

• “This is a great time to have a bye week. We have the right pieces in the defense right now. … We’ve been playing a lot more guys during the game. We took, I believe, 29 guys on the road last week, and 24 of them played, and that’s a good thing.”

• “I think we finally got settled on the linebackers. … Mabin on the corner, he’s really showed up and has done enough to hold that job.”

• “Seth Wallace, we just hired him this spring, he has a stat that offensive coordinators live longer, 10 years longer. I think I’m already in trouble. … I love what we do, trying to stop guys.”

• On the raider package: “We ran that raider package back in 2004, 2005. Really, all you do is take out a three technique and stand up the linemen. … It was a thought after the Ohio State game a year.”

• On Greg Mabin: “When Mabin was first here, he was popping back and forth between wide receiver and defensive back, but he needed to make a commitment to playing football. … He’s just so young in terms of understanding what he has to do. He’s still learning.”

• “We were kind of spoiled a little bit with [Christian] Kirksey. He was probably faster than any defensive back that we had. … He’s a very rare player that we had.”

• On the linebackers: “To get settled in, it took us a while during two-a-days.”

• On blitzing more: “I don’t think so. We’re right around 20 percent. I don’t have the exact numbers. I think it’s good to put pressure on [the offense], but we still have to cover. … There are times when we do blitz, but it all depends. I’d say it’s about the same.”

• On Anthony Gair: “He’s growing, starting the mature as a football player.”

• On Reggie Spearman: “It all depends on how much he grows, how much weight he puts on and if he can do it on a consistent basis. … When we need to, we’ll put him in some pass rushing situations.”

• On Nate Meier: “He’s a tough character. He’s a guy that you want on your side. … This whole game is about being tough and you have to be violent, and he’s a violent football player.”

• Can you teach someone to be a violent football player? “Sometimes.”

• “If we’re going to go down, we’re going to go down fighting, throwing punches.”

• On the second half of the Pittsburgh game: “Going into that weekend, I thought we had very, very good Tuesday and Wednesday practices. … They showed up in the second half.”

Iowa is off this week, and will return to action at home against Indiana on Oct. 11.

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