Hurt Hawks no more

The Iowa women’s cross country team suffered in the rankings in 2013 due to early season injuries. Thankfully for the Hawkeyes, every week when I ask head coach Layne Anderson if there are any injuries for the week, the answer has consistently been, “No.”

This year, Iowa has used past experience from last season’s injuries to make them wiser on the course and in the training room.

To prevent injuries to non-student athletes, I (with the help of a simple Google search) put together a list of 10 ways to stay healthy in your workout.

10. Don’t play on injury (Don’t be stupid).

9. Cross train (Ladies, don’t be afraid to ‘get big’ with the guys at the rec center).

8. Don’t overdo it (You are not the Hulk).

7. Hydrate (Our planet is roughly 71-percent water, so drink it).

6. Use proper form (There are very detailed videos on YouTube to help you learn proper form).

5. Warm up and stretch (The Hawkeye cross-country team does this before and after every meet).

4. Wear proper protective gear (If you look like the Michelin man while running, you are doing it wrong).

3. Build gradually (Just like building your food consumption, one Reese’s at a time.)

2. Get in shape (Freshmen, actually walk to class).

1. Consult physician before starting exercise program (Or do what you want).

Lots of injuries can be prevented so hopefully these helpful tips will protect the Iowa campus from experiencing any more injuries.

Hopefully none of these tips are new to Anderson and his staff, but if any of them are, they can use these and they could continue to make him say “no.”

Pick up a copy of tomorrow’s DI for an update on the Iowa women’s cross country’s health.

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