Christian Kirksey is miniature and plays for the Tennessee Titans. In Madden 2015.

Every year around this time, the newest version of Madden comes out. Well, in this year’s version, former Iowa linebacker Christian Kirksey is, well, really small. Oh, and he’s on the wrong team. That’s Kriksey getting hurdled and run over by a full-size player. For the record, Kirksey is six-foot-two, 235 pounds. And he’s a good […]

Football: Iowa Depth Chart — 9/1

Iowa released its updated depth chart today, and as you’ll see, there’s a bit of movement in some areas. Here it is: • OFFENSE WR: Smith, Willies LT: Scherff, Boettger LG: Welsh, Myers C: Blythe, Simmons/Gaul RG: Walsh, Keppy RT: Donnal, Croston TE: Hamilton, Krieger Coble WR: Martin-Manley, VandeBerg WR: Hillyer, Powell QB: Rudock, Beathard […]

Football: Iowa-Northern Iowa Rewatch

Each Monday, a member of The Daily Iowan’s Pregame Staff will rewatch the previous Saturday’s game so that you don’t have to. Saturday’s game was nuts. There were so many big plays and so many crazy things happening that it was tough at times to keep track of everything. So, by rewatching it, I’m hoping […]